Grade 11 – Science July paper

Welcome to your Grade 11 – Science July paper

● Answer all questions.01. The part not belonging to the gynoecium of a flower is
02. In which of the following organelle does cellular respiration occur?
03. An occasion where essential oils are extracted from natural oils in Sri Lanka is production of
04. The heat energy change associated with a chemical reaction is illustrated by the following graph.

Accordingly, the reaction is
05. Select the correct statement
06. The international unit of measuring force is?
07. In three of the following a name of a scientist and an area of study relevant to a law put forward by him are
given. Which is the mismatch?
08. Which of the following is an instance where the moment of a couple of forces is made use of?
09. The type of tissue that lines an external or internal surface of the body an animal is,
10. Which of the following isn’t a material factor essential for photosynthesis?
11. Which of the following relationships doesn’t match?
12. A few statements about the muscle tissue are given below.

A. Executing voluntary movements of the body while connecting with bones.
B. Executing mechanical movements in the wall of the alimentary canal.
C. Maintaining rhythmic movements of the heart.

The muscle relevant to A, B and C respectively are,
13. Which of the following gives two non-flowering plants?
14. Which of the following indicates a neutralization reaction correctly?
15. Which of the following statements made on metallic and non-metallic elements is not true?
16. A solution is prepared by dissolving 18g of glucose (C6H12O6
) in water and diluting the solution to 500 cm3
. The
concentration of the solution is
17. Which of the following doesn’t affect solubility?
18. How does two acids undergo ionization in water is shown below.
H3PO4------>(aq) 2H+ (aq) + HPO4-2(aq)
H2SO4 ------> (aq) 2H+ (aq) + SO4-2(aq)
19. Electron configurations of some elements are as follows.
A. 2, 1                         B. 2, 2                     C. 2, 6                           D 2, 7
Which of the following gives the charge of the stable ion formed by these elements respectively?
20. The graph shows the variation of the current flowing between the two ends of the conductor with the
potential difference. the resistance of this conductor is,

21. The velocity of an object of mass “M” increases from 1ms-1to 3ms-1
. In these two instances the ratio of the
kinetic energy of the object is,
22. In this experiment, the egg moved up through the solution with the dissolving of sodium chloride because of,
23. Which of the following is incorrect about the solubility?
24. Which of the following is the correct statement about muscle cells?
25. Wattages of several electrical appliances are as follows.

A. Washing machine - 250 W
B. Soldering gun - 25W
C. Colour television - 600 W
D. Immersion heater - 1500 W

Which of the above consumes the highest amount of electrical energy per minute?
26. The amount of the heat required to convert a kilogram of water at 1000 0C to stem at 1000 0C?
27. Select the current statement about carbon dioxide. (C = 12, O = 16)
28. If 200 ml of a sodium hydroxide solution contains 0.1 mol of sodium hydroxide, the composition of the solution in gdm-3.
30. Which of the following is a longitudinal wave?
31. Metal ‘X’ reacts with diluted acids and emits Hydrogen. Where could it be placed in the active metal series?
32. The four statements given below are regarding the Lub – Dup sound of the heart-beat.
A. ‘Lub’ sound is formed at the closure of bicuspid and tricuspid valves.
B. ‘Lub’ sound is formed at the closure of semi-lunar valves.
C. ‘Dup’ sound is formed at the closure of bicuspid and tricuspid valves.
D. ‘Dup’ sound is formed at the closure of semi-lunar valves.

What is the answer with correct statement?
33. Select the false statement out of the followings
34. Which of the following elements produces an amphoteric oxide? Na, Mg, Al, S, P
35. The compound that releases H+ ions through fractional ionization in an aqueous solution is
36. A solid was gradually heated and the temperature variation
of the solid through the heating process is shown in the grap.

The freezing point of the solid is approximatel

37. The Sodium (Na) atom has 11 protons, 12 neutrons and 11 electrons. The standard method of writing that
atom is,
38. Few statements are regarding inheritance are given below.
A. Monohybrid cross is studying about the inheritance of only one characteristic of a single pair of
contrasting characteristics.
B. Transmission of inherited characteristic to next generation is known as heredity.
C. Inherited characteristic cannot skip a few generations and transmit to another generation.
The true statements of the above are,
39) What is the most suitable indicator to identify separately two solutions which contains lime juice and gastric
40) The average temperature of the human body is 37C. this temperature in the Kelvin scale is,
29. L1 and L2 are convex and concave lenses with focal lengths of
25cm and 20cm respectively. A point object “O” is placed at a distance of 25cm from L1
. The final image after refraction through both lenses are placed,

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